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Download Valid Email Collector Product

Our e-mail marketing products are distributed under “free to try” license. It means, that you can download any program for free. But note, in freeversion, some features are locked. To enjoy the full features of the software you should register it with a key you can purchase here..

Rapid Email Sender

size: 4.42 Mb


Rapid Email Sender is an intelligent software that can send personalized newsletter to any number of recipient. It is very easy to use. For sending flyers, brochures, newsletter and others this is a perfect tool. Rapid Email Sender makes email marketing too easy for companies and individuals. It is a perfect tool for bulk mail sending without any hastle. Mail Merge function, Multiple SMTP, Direct Sending and oters unique features makes it #1 in current email market. There are tons of functions available to complete a successfull email marketing campaign¬†more…

Valid Email Verifier

size: 4.66 Mb


Valid Email Verifier verifies an email ID and provides 100% correct result. It helps anyone to make proper use of the SMTP server and maintain a large list neat and clean. Its 3 types of different email verification system can provide 100% correct result. More

Extract Any Mail Pro

size: 5.77 Mb

Finally, a way to get all your email contacts (from all folders) from your own big email account. You own a very old email account and that have a lot and lot of emails. Can you get all the contacts (from each folder including inbox, sent, spam, or any other folder)? Yes, you can extract all emails in that email account using Extract Any Mail Pro. Extract Any Mail Pro works with your free yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any other email account. More


size: 46.5 Mb

Email Sorter

size: 35.1 Mb

Bounce Detector

size: 4.72 Mb