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Now anyone can sell our products and earn easy commissions for long. Our reseller program is unique and reliable as it is handled completely by award winning Avangate Affiliate System. With no invest and with less effort you can earn great affiliate commissions.

Promote software on your website and get paid for it!

Get 30.00% commission on every sale you refer! Become a Valid Email Collector affiliate today!
Our software products are available for sale through the Avangate Affiliate Network.
To start selling, all you need to do is display product information and “Buy Now” links on your website

Guaranteed Affiliate Commission

When a visitor follows a link or banner from your site, Avangate keeps track of your Affiliate ID for 120 calendar days. That’s 4 months during which any order placed by the same user guarantees your affiliate commission.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
Avangate takes care of the ordering process, product delivery and customer support.

  • No need to store any software on your servers, or keep track of licenses
  • Valid Email Verifier works too fast. It is multithreaded and is able to check multiple addresses at a time.
  • Valid Email Verifier works upon 3 types of email verification method. i) Verify Syntax ii) Verify Domain iii) 100% Verification. 100% email verification method is most accurate and customizable. This email verifier works as same as ISP’s mail server. It really check whether the email box is active or not. Valid Email Verifier can also detect disabled address.
  • User can import email ids from a wide range of file types (*.txt, *.csv, *.xls). This verifier can also extract email ids from a text file. Also it has rich export features (*.txt, *.xls, *.csv, *.rtf, *.html). Please note, Export option is disabled in Trial Version.
  • It is very easy to manage your list in Valid Email Verifier. There are many features like Delete, Paste from Clipboard, Copy to Clipboard, Kill Duplicates, e.t.c for managing a large list. This is an ultimate tool for email address validation.
  • Valid Email Verifier is fast and user friendly. So you can import large list. You can cancel any operations anytime with a single Cancel button. Nice UI makes it #1 in current market.
  • No need to be anxious with your privacy. Valid Email Veriifer checks email address with separate IP.

Monthly payments

You will get your commissions every month, either transferred to your Avangate Prepaid Debit MasterCard or sent via wire transfer, check or PayPal. Start selling now!

Available Products

Product Name Original Price Commission (%)
Rapid Email Marketer 49.95 USD 30%
Rapid Email Sender Advance 40 USD 30%
Valid Email Verifier 50 USD 30%
Valid Email Collector Advance 40 USD 30%
VIP SMTP Xtreme 60 USD 30%
VIP SMTP Unlimited 40 USD 30%
Extract Any Mail 20 USD 30%
Bounce Detector 20 USD 30%
VIP SMTP Cheap 30 USD 30%
VIP SMTP Xtreme 60 USD 30%
VIP SMTP Lite 55 USD 30%

How Do I Become Your Reseller/Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is easy. Follow the following steps:

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