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Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is a tool that allows businesses to build and manage their email lists.

Email Sorter Ultimate

New Email Sorter Ultimate has been released. This email sorter version has Zimbra Judger inbuilt. Now you get both software power in one full packages. Also many new domains has been added to Email Sorter Pro. Email Sorter Ultimate quickly sorts email list based upon mx records. More

Extract Any Mail Ultimate

The new Extract Any Mail Ultimate can extract emails from office365, Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, outlook and any other mail account inbox, spam, sent and other folders using IMAP technology. It is good list management software also. More

Valid Email Verifier

Verify email list, remove invalid emails and make your email campaign bounce free. 100% working email verifier. Unlike other online email verifier services, your email list is secured to your desktop. Not shared with others. Download free! More

Rapid Email Sender Advance

Rapid Email Sender is an intelligent software that can send personalized newsletter to any number of recipient. It is very easy to use. For sending flyers, brochures, newsletter and others this is a perfect tool. More

MediManage Pro

We Offers A Comprehensive Suite Of Modules For The Complete Automation Of Hospitals

MediManage Pro

A Complete Medical Management System to automate any Hospital, Clinic Or Diagnostic Center. Fully customizable enterprise solution at affordable price!

MediManage Pro MODULES:

Doctor Management, Patient Management, Front Desk, Notification, Billing, Nurse Station, Outdoor Ticket, Ambulance, Emergency And Causality, Out-Patient Department, In-Patient Department, Account Management, Online Report, Portal Diagnostic And Laboratory.

Mobile APP Development ASTGD

XAF Development

DevExpress XAF is an ORM-based .NET Application Framework designed to help you deliver line-of-business apps in the shortest possible time. ASTGD is capable of developing windows, ASP.Net web apps, Blazor apps and web API using powerful XAF framework. XAF provides built-in modules for common business functionality so developers can concentrate on business logic solely. Also the Model driven UI helps engineers quickly deliver the task than ever before.

Mobile APP Development ASTGD

ASTGD Business Management Modules

ASTGD Business Management is a world class business automation software to manage any type of business including manufacturing, POS, clothing and more. Some solutions are:

ASTGD Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management modules provides pharmacy specific functions like Box & Pieces Inventory, Expired Medicine Monitor, Quick selling, POS interface, etc. to meet modern pharmacy needs.

Accounting & Inventory Management

Accounting software & inventory software is one of the ERP technology tools. They can regulate the value and costs of your products at the warehouse.

Point of Sales (POS)

A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store. Make an educated buying decision.

Inventory Management

Inventory management – also known as stock control, inventory management, or inventory control – is the practice of ordering, storing, tracking, and controlling.

Super Shop Management

Super Shop Management modules provides easy solution to manage a super shop. From weighting scale integration to historical stock record to sales summary ASTGD Business Management super shop modules provides pre built solution and unlimited reporting features.

Trading Business Modules

ASTGD Business Management provides trading business specific functions and reports that ease any trading business and enterprises. Customer ageing report will boost your credit collection and ensure financial safety for your business.

HRM Payroll Management Software

Running a business can be time consuming – let our Accounting, Payroll and HR software lighten your workload. Our simple, intuitive cloud accounting software.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the combination of practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions.

Short Invoice System Management

Short Invoice System Management use modern payment solution tailor-made for small businesses. Pay any business bill quickly and easily.

Bar Association Management Software

Top-Rated Association Management Software. Designed specifically for the regulatory requirements of Bangladesh Bars Association.

Powerful Remote Desktop

Cheap RDP – Admin Access – CPU Optimized RDP

Fast SSD Disk

Best SSD Windows Remote Desktop is here. Own a powerful remote machine to run your always needs to run software! 100% uptime and powerful with dedicated RAM.

Run Any Windows Program

These Remote Desktop servers can run any windows program without any performance loss. This is a must have RDP for forex trader, marketer, social blogger, SEO specialists.

Full Admin Access

All our Remote Desktop plans comes with full admin access. Means you can install any windows application in a fast secure environment.

Cheap RDP Plans

All our RDP plans are cheap and value for money. With dedicated RAM and CPU this may be the cheapest RDP plans around. For most of your work we strongly recommend to get 2GB RDP.

Full Admin Access Windows RDP Plan

Super Fast Windows RDP

Web Design Services

Web Design

A website is much more than meets the eye. Our expertise will maximize the impact of your web solution from both a design and development perspective.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches.


Content Strategy

Content strategy is the ongoing process of transforming business objectives and goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means .

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is a science of organizing and structuring the content of the websites, web and mobile applications, and social media.

Wordpress Consulting

Our WordPress Consulting Services include complete website setup from scratch, appropriate theme and plugin development and WordPress training.

ASTGD Gallery

Welcome to the ASTGD Gallery, Where images paint a vivid picture of our journey and achievements. Delve into a visual narrative that captures the heart and soul of ASTGD, showcasing our unique blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and dedication. Explore our gallery to experience the essence of our brand, expressed through captivating visuals that resonate with our values and vision.

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