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DevExpress XAF is an ORM-based .NET Application Framework designed to help you deliver line-of-business apps in the shortest possible time. ASTGD is capable of developing windows, ASP.Net web apps, Blazor apps and web API using powerful XAF framework. XAF provides built-in modules for common business functionality so developers can concentrate on business logic solely. Also the Model driven UI helps engineers quickly deliver the task than ever before.


We choose XAF to deliver task at a record time and at a lowest possible cost. Our customers can get high quality software at a lower cost. Developers can create complex business applications more quickly using XAF, which means faster delivery of new features and improvements for end-users. Again that means low cost.

XAF Advantages for End User

Consistent User Interface:

XAF provides a consistent and professional-looking user interface for your applications. This consistency helps end-users navigate and interact with the application more easily.


End-users can often customize the application’s UI to suit their preferences without requiring developers to make changes. This includes personalizing layouts, themes, and more.

Multi-Platform Support

XAF applications can be developed to run on multiple platforms, including Windows, the web, and mobile devices. This means end-users can access the application from various devices, providing flexibility and convenience.

Data Filtering and Search

XAF includes built-in tools for data filtering and searching. End-users can easily find the information they need, making the application more efficient and user-friendly.

Security and Permissions:

XAF provides robust security features, allowing developers to define fine-grained permissions and access controls. This ensures that sensitive data is protected and that each user can only access what they are authorized to see and modify

Reporting and Dashboards:

XAF integrates with DevExpress’s reporting and dashboard tools, which means end-users can generate custom reports and dashboards to gain insights from their data. XAF uses XtraReport for reporting solution that provides full featured report designer for both web and winforms application.

Our Process

To super smooth the offshore Software development process we follow the best path that benefits our client in all ways possible.

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