Our Pharmacy Management

As the medical industry advances, the pharmacy retail landscape continues to evolve. ASTGD introduces “Pharmacy Management Software” a comprehensive pharmacy point-of-sale (POS) software that can revolutionize the way your retail pharmacy operates. Our software streamlines intricate processes, from inventory control and barcode systems to payment processing, purchases, and generating reports. Bid farewell to the challenges of managing crowded stores – our system ensures a seamless customer experience. Embrace a new era of pharmacy management by selecting Pharmacy Management Software for an organized, efficient, and intelligent solution to elevate your pharmacy business.

ASTGD Pharmacy Management System MODULES

We Offers A Comprehensive Suite Of Modules For The Complete Automation Of Business

Inventory Management

Product Details

Expire and Return Management

Supplier or Vendor Management

Damage Adjustment

Discount Management

Detailed Reporting

Mutli Counter Sale

Point Of Sale

Product exchange

Benefits Of Pharmacy Management System

  • Complete control over the expiration date of medicines.
  • Compatible with any printer.
  • Easy to use both online and offline.
  • Keeping track of medicines by their box.
  • Customize drug racks based on company preferences.
  • Stock management convenience.
  • Customizable for personal use.
  • Generate balance sheets at the end of the day.
  • Account at the end of the year/month/week.
  • Create any report easily.
  • Create invoices effortlessly.
  • Plan orders.
  • Multiple pricing options.
  • Store the database in the cloud.
  • Filter as desired